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 A tank top that is sexier, more comfortable and good to showcase your muscle when you are exercising. You will be able to see your chest, lats, delts and of course your arms when you are curling that dumbbell. Feeling much cooler than anything, you will be able to lift more without restriction. The racerback design allows you and your audience to see most of your upper back so you know whether if you are targeting your back properly. Buy now, Train harder.



M: 55kg - 70kg

L: 70kg - 85kg

XL: 85kg - 90kg

XXL: 90kg - 100kg+



M: 67cm

L: 69cm

XL: 71cm

XXL:  73cm



M: 45cm

L: 48cm

XL: 51cm

XXL:  54cm


Error of 1cm to 2cm may occur.

Fitness Stringer

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